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La vrai signification des papiers de recherche [En Anglais]

A Translation of common Scientific Research Phrases

This list of phrases and their translations (definitions) might help you understand the mysterious language of science in general and medicine / biology specifically. These special phrases are also applicable to anyone working on a Ph.D. dissertation, academic paper or journal article at a university anywhere on earth.


Research Phrases Translation / Meaning
It has long been known … I didn’t look up the original reference.
A definite trend is evident … These data are practically meaningless.
Of great theoretical and practical importance … Interesting to me.
While it has not been possible to provide definite answers to
these questions …
An unsuccessful experiment, but I still hope to get it published.
Three of the samples were chosen for detailed study … The results of the others didn’t make any sense.
Typical results are shown … This is the prettiest graph.
These results will be shown in a subsequent report… I might get around to this sometime, if I’m pushed / funded.
The most reliable results are those obtained by Jones … He was my graduate assistant.
It is believed that… I think.
It is generally believed that … A couple of other people think so, too.
It is clear that much additional work will be required before a
complete understanding of the phenomenon occurs …
I don’t understand it.
Correct within an order of magnitude … Wrong.
In my experience … Once.
In case after case … Twice.
In a series of cases … Thrice.
According to statistical analysis. Rumor has it.
A statistically oriented projection of the significance of these findings. A wild guess.
Thanks are due to Joe Blotz for assistance with the experiment and
to George Frink for valuable discussions …
Blotz did the work and Frink explained to me what it meant.
A careful analysis of obtainable data… Three pages of notes were obliterated when I knocked over a glass
of wine.
It is hoped that this study will stimulate further investigation
in this field …
I quit.

[Source: unknown]